Chances are that you won’t be stranded in a snow storm; however, Mother Nature has given Florida its own weather issues to deal with. And of course, you could be stranded because your vehicle broke down or because someone caused an accident. Being prepared goes a long way in making being stranded less stressful.


The first thing you should be thinking of if no one is hurt is safety. Your emergency roadside kit should include reflective triangles, a flashlight and extra batteries. If you do have to pull off the road, always set up the reflective triangles so that other vehicles know that you are on the side of the road and can avoid hitting you.

A flashlight and extra batteries are important items at night. They will help you find items you need in your vehicle. If you are not in the city, the flashlight allows you to see where you are; and if you do need to walk anywhere, keeps you safe so that others can see you and so that you can see where you’re going.


If you are traveling outside of the state, it is even more important to have a complete emergency kit with you. If you are traveling out of state in winter months, it is even more important to have a roadside preparedness kit in your vehicle. And, even if you are traveling less than 100 miles, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle checked over including brakes, tires, fluids, belts and hoses before you leave.

Have your vehicle checked thoroughly at West Palm Beach Nissan Service Center before you leave on any road trips.


Always keep a seasonal jacket and a change of warm, dry clothing in the vehicle, especially if you are traveling in a desolate area. An extra blanket, even in the hot summers, is also a must. If you are stranded overnight, you may need that blanket for protection or warmth, depending on the time of year.

Food and Water

Most people don’t think of carrying extra food and water because most of their driving is done in the city. However, if you are stranded and the area doesn’t have power or you are stranded in an area that doesn’t have a store or restaurant nearby, you may need food and water if someone can’t rescue you for several hours.

Keep at least a liter of water plus non-perishable high energy food items in the vehicle for each person. Peanut butter crackers, granola bars, chocolate – if the sun isn’t so hot that it melts – are all great items to keep in the vehicle.

First Aid

When you buy a first aid kit for your vehicle, don’t get the small kits with just a few items. Your first aid kit should include several sizes of bandages, gauze, antibacterial cream, eye wash, tweezers, needle and thread, alcohol, cotton balls, cotton swabs, medical tape and an ace bandage at a minimum, especially if you have kids. You’ll be able to treat minor issues to keep them from turning into major issues.


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